Monday, March 29, 2010

Sell your excess items for free using MyTreasure

You can now sell your excess items using MyTreasure for free. The program has always been free, but required you to use your own free space on the internet, or to pay for hosting from me. I decided to make things much easier and simply provide free hosting.

Now you can download MyTreasure, get your list of items together and then request a username and password to use with MyTreasure and I'll set up the free space for you to use.

How can selling my items be free when everyone else is charging to advertise my items, or charge base listing fee and then a commission?

The answer is the MyTreasure page you create includes advertising. For those who wish to participate in Virtual Profit Sharing (it is free to join Virtual Profit Sharing) you can enter your Virtual Profit Sharing code and if people click on the ads and subsequently buy from a Virtual Profit Sharing partner, you get a share of the profit. So not only do you get free advertising to sell your excess items, but VPS members also get another way to get some money.

Now is the time to get some cash for those excess items you have laying around the place taking up space. Download MyTreasure and get stated. You may just end up raising enough money to pay for your next well earned holiday. That's what I call treasure.

- Kelvin Eldridge

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