Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Windows XP SP2 support ends July 2010

I recently heard that Windows XP support ends July 2010 so I decided to investigate. As it turns out it is Windows XP Service Pack 2 support than ends in July 2010. That means for those using Windows XP SP2 there will be no more updates or security updates.

When I first heard about Windows XP support ending it implied people would need to update to Windows 7. From what I read Windows XP Service Pack 3 support will continue to 2014. Upgrading to Windows XP SP3 is the most cost effective option.

Some people will opt to upgrade to Windows 7. Given the high cost of purchasing Windows 7 upgrade software, I often suggest people review their computer system. Since Windows 7 would be included with a new computer, it is often prudent to delay a purchase and then purchase a new computer and use the money that would otherwise be spent on the Windows 7 upgrade software and put it towards the cost of a new machine. For example the retail price of Windows 7 Professional (the version I suggest for business) retails at $399. Spending that amount of money on a machine which may be reaching the end of its life may not be a good investment.

- Kelvin Eldridge

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