Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bus on Foote Street Templestowe blocks the view for cars exiting Hawtin Steet.

Today as I exited Hawtin Street to turn right onto Foote Street, I had to wait, then wait, and then wait some more.

The problem is the bus stop was moved from westt of Hawtin Street to east of Hawtin Street. Actually this move was a good move because on the west the bus blocked the view of cars turning from Williamsons Road onto Foote Street heading east. There is an almost continuous stream of cars so moving the bus now provides a clear view to the west when exiting Hawtin Street.

However, by moving the bus to the first house on the left of Hawtin Street the government has just created another problem. The view of cars heading west on Foote Street is completely blocked by the bus when stopped making it very dangerous. You simply can't move until the bus leaves.

When I reached Foote Street today the bus was sitting there. How long I don't know. There was no one getting on or off, but someone may have already got on. My concern is, previously I'd noticed the Smartbus sitting in Williamsons Road to pass time, since it was most likely ahead of schedule. However, if this behaviour has now moved to Foote Street because of the roadworks on Williamsons Road, it is a concern.

This is the second time in as many weeks this bus has blocked my view of the road creating a difficult situation.

Had the government moved the bus one more house along the view would not be blocked. It amazes me how the government continues to screw up what is already a difficult intersection. First they removed the median area making it so cars have to dart across up to five lanes of traffic. Now they've made it even more difficult to view traffic on a very busy road.

If this bus stop is causing you concern and affecting your safety, please contact me. I find together people can make a difference, but it does take effort.

Kelvin Eldridge