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Property update: Templestowe

The following property has recently been listed.
Happy home hunting.

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What's happening in and around Templestowe

The following are articles from the internet.


A NEW Dan Murphy's liquor warehouse is set to open its doors in Bulleen despite intense opposition from the community and Manningham Council.


CLUB Warrandyte will dump its poker machines after changes to state legislation made them too expensive to purchase.


ELTHAM veterans marched with heads high on Anzac Day after members and supporters of the defunct RSL club decided to press ahead with their annual ceremony.

The Eltham woman, 50, was driving along Lower Plenty Rd on Tues-day, April 20, when she was caught doing a U-turn against a red light on-to Rosanna Rd.

MORE than 200 people were evacuated from Eltham Leisure Centre last week after its emergency warning system sounded a false alarm.

The Hurstbridge line will get three new evening services - two from Flinders St to Eltham at 8.05pm and 9.05pm, and one from Greensborough to Flinders St at 7.43pm.

Doncaster East

DONCASTER, the reigning State League 1 men's premiers, opened their account for the season with a dominant, but wasteful, 4-2 win over an MCC side strengthened by the pre-season signing of Korean international Byung Kim.

FROM the time she began umpiring juniors, Eliza Broadbent had always aspired to officiate a senior match in the Eastern Football League.


FIVE Doncaster Athletic Club members made the trip to Perth to contest the Australian Championships last week in an event that doubled as the selection trials for the Commonwealth Games team.


Extensive re-vegetation works, including $2 million on removing more than 60 types of weeds along 20 kilometres along the banks between Abbotsford and Templestowe;

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Cost to make a cuppa in using an electric kettle versus the microwave

As I was drinking a cup of coffee I started to wonder, is it cheaper to boil the water for a cup of coffee in a kettle or the microwave!

The maths behind boiling water is quite fascinating, but I'll leave that for another day. Instead I decided to use the power meter and simply measure the result.

It's a bit tricky, but with the power meter you can set your electricity rate and let the power meter do the calculation for you. Our electricity is currently 20.1 cents per kWh. I've noticed some electricity companies charge more, and I'm sure, others probably charge less. This also doesn't take into account the early payment discount I receive.

With the meter set, I filled a mug with water and boiled it in the microwave for 1 minute 45 seconds. This is the length of time I calculated using the maths, plus additional time for heat escaping into the surroundings, such the the mug itself. This brings the water close to boiling. For the kettle I filled the kettle half full as I normally would.

Now what is really interesting is the microwave is an 800 watt unit, but uses about 1200 watts. So it loses about a third in the process.

The kettle on the other hand is rated at 2400 watt, but actual usage is closer to 2200 watts. The kettle is more efficient at boiling water than the microwave, but there's a big catch with the kettle. You can't boil a single cup of water in the kettle. In fact, from what I observe, most people simply fill up the kettle. For example I fill up the kettle so the water is half way up the scale. I never thought about that before, but really, I'm boiling close to 1.4 litres of water when I really only need about 200 ml. With other kettles I've used I've filled the kettle up to the mark in the kettle. That means it is boiling the maximum amount of water. So whilst the kettle is more efficient than a microwave, the problem is we boil more water than we need.

The good thing is if you are looking for a new kettle, look at the minimum amount of water it takes. The minimum is often enough for two cups of water, which is sufficient for a lot of people. Others start at 500 ml, so go for the kettle which boils the least. If you are like me, I often have a cuppa by myself during the day, and make two cups for my wife and myself at night.

The outcome of the measurement.

The kettle costs 2.6 cents to boil the water.

The microwave is the clear winner costing 0.8 cents to boil a single mug of water.

This amount of money is really so small you'd think it is hardly worth thinking about. But if you boil the kettle three times a day, everyday over the year, the cost of using the kettle is nearly $30, whereas using the microwave is around $9. That's a saving of $21 a year, just for using a different appliance.

The best option to me is when you buy a kettle, buy one which has the smallest minimum water level, then you can boil the amount of water you really need and save money in the process. I really don't like to throw out old appliances that still work well, but the payback on getting a new kettle which makes it easier to measure the desired amount of water versus the current kettle is a little over a year. Kettles often last years, so a new kettle will pay for itself many times over during its life.

If you are interested in how much your appliances are costing you, and you know the power the appliance uses, you can use the Electricity Cost Calculator. Measuring each device is great, particularly if a device is run for a while and switches itself on and off over time. The best part is you don't have think. you just plug the power meter in and it shows you the cost. If you are interested in obtaining the power meter you can order it from the Electricity Cost Calculator page.

- Kelvin Eldridge

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What's happening been in Templestowe and the surrounding area.

The following are links to articles relating to Templestore and the surrounding area.

HOUSE prices have risen across the board in Manningham, with Doncaster and Templestowe among the 10 fastest growing suburbs in Melbourne.

The 2010 schedule (Editor: Manningham Eisteddfod) is available for download from the schedule section.

The recent story on the goat in Donvale injuring three people was picked up by media around the world. Here are some links..
Three people have needed hospital treatment after being attacked by a horned goat in Donvale, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria on Tuesday.
Three people have been hospitalised after an angry goat invaded a nursing home in Melbourne, Australia, and went on a rampage that ended only when it was caught by police.
Goats have long been a source of happy stories for Asylum. The lovable bleaters may look evil but they're usually linked to some wonderful tales, from climbing trees in packs of 16, to waving at film cameras.
A goat named Billy sent three people to hospital after an attack at a nursing home in Melbourne, Victoria on Tuesday morning, the Manningham Leader reported.


ANIMAL lovers are barking mad about a plan to ban off-lead dogs in Doncaster's Ruffey Lake Park.

THE Doncaster community hub plan is being held up by a planning tribunal appeal, putting a cloud over $5 million of federal funding.


CONSTRUCTION has started on a million-dollar bike lane in Bulleen Rd.


ELTHAM RSL will march again this Anzac Day after members and supporters of the defunct club held a crisis meeting this week.

A FAMILY pet was cut in half after being trussed and laid across railway lines at Eltham last week.


A COUNCIL plan to fix flooding in a Templestowe housing estate has some residents considering planning tribunal action to fight bills of up to $20,000 for a new drain.

- Kelvin Eldridge

Saturday, April 24, 2010

35% reduction in electricity usage

I received my latest electricity bill and I must admit I was a bit excited on one hand, but on the other, it crossed my mind that perhaps my effort to reduce energy usage may have been in vain. It was all good.

Compared to the same period last year I estimate the usage has dropped by about 35%. That's cool. Whilst it probably saves around $108 for the quarter, it isn't so much about the money, as the feeling that every little bit may end up helping future generations. 

The following graph shows how I'm tracking in terms of electricity usage.

For those who wish to save electricity and thus money, the first step is to work out how much energy each of your devices use and then decide if there is a way to save energy and thus money.

A lot of people have taken up the government offer to change over their light bulbs. Whilst that is one approach, I really shake my head, because we as tax payers are forking out $10 a light bulb. For one home that was $430 paid for us that could have been done for a fraction of the cost. I've heard of people swapping unused light bulbs for low energy bulbs. This could have just as easily been done by making bulbs available at local councils. I waited until lights were on special and then bought the bulbs I needed. I recently bought six low energy lights for $5 at a clearance sale. That's less than $1 a light and no taxes were required.

The other problem with the government approach is it doesn't handle the screw in bulbs, non-standard bulbs and provides a one light fits all solution. Whether you're using a 75 watt or 25 watt incandescent light light, you end up with a 15 watt low energy light. Whilst it means there will be considerable savings in energy usage, it means more energy could have been saved if people replaced lights themselves with the equivalent low energy light.

The first and easy step then is to check the lights around your home. Look at the lights with the highest wattage and those that are on the most first. For example, often outdoor floodlights can remain on for hours and may use 125-150 watts. I've changed my outdoor light to a 21watt unit. It isn't as bright, but it is quite adequate. Some lights around the home rarely get used and whilst they can be swapped out as required, what tends to happen is you pick up a few cheap lights on special and keep swapping out the lights. Pretty soon you'll have swapped out most if not all the older lights.

There is no need to measure the wattage for lights, as the watts stated on the lights is the energy used. You can use the Energy Cost Calculator to work out how long it will take to repay the cost of the light. You'll be surprised as the payback period can often be quite short.

The next technique is to measure how much electricity devices around the home use. Some appliances have the wattage clearly stated, or you can use an energy meter like the one I used, which is shown on the Energy Cost Calculator page.

What I found was the under used small freezer we have used around 7% of our electricity and we really didn't need it running all the time. We reorganised our frozen items to store less and used our normal fridge/freezer. We then turned off the small freezer.

The standby power being used by computers and entertainment equipment around the home was astonishing. Just by turning equipment off at the wall, using power boards with switches, or using a foot switch like the unit on the Energy Cost Calculator page, we made significant energy savings.

The devices I purchased have now fully paid themselves off in the first two electricity bills and I now look forward to years of savings. Probably around $400 a year.

Of course I'm not going to stop there. I'll continue to look for ways to reduce my energy usage as I go. Whether it be in the home, travelling around in the car, or encouraging everyone to shop local using JustLocal, all of us can save money and do our bit to help the planet and future generations.

- Kelvin Eldridge

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What's happening: Templestowe and surrounding area

At last, the Manningham Bus Review is coming

Manningham Council planning boost for basketball
Vale Jim Whittley

Insulation, lights spark fires

Doncaster East
Dragons breathe fire to finish
Record books battered

Cafe Assistant/Console Operator - URGENT
World Autism Awareness Month Event: Donna Williams - Selected Readings
Ten Minute Quickie Play Competition

- Kelvin

Traffic cameras and speed camera locations

I noticed some locals participating in a site called Trapster. The site is designed to enable people to register traffic camera and speed camera locations. I decided to visit the site and check out the Templestowe area.

On the Trapster map I noticed a number of spots I've regularly seen police cars with speed cameras and I'm sure most locals will have noticed them as well.

The places which stand out to me are: 
  • Corner of Fitzsimmons Lane and Rosehill Road
  • Foote Street
  • Bulleen Road
  • High Street and Lynnwood Parade (Fixed camera)
  • Corner Manningham Road and Thompsons Road (Fixed camera)
  • Blackburn Road
  • George Street
  • Snow Gum Road
  • Corner Doncaster Road and Manningham Road (Fixed camera)
  • Tram Road
  • Corner Doncaster and Victoria Street (Fixed camera)
  • Wetherby Road
  • Middleborough Road and Eastern Freeway intersection (Fixed and multiple cameras reported)
There are also other cameras in the area. I do find the focus on Foote Street and Wetherby Road area to be interesting. Wetherby Road is a particularly tricky spot. After having come off the freeway your perception of speed can be altered and this is when it is particularly easy to speed. Wetherby Road is a also very wide road and it would be easy to think it is or should be 70kph.

When it comes to speed cameras I think it is a hard call as to whether or not sites like Trapster help or hinder. On the one hand police are actively discouraging people from speeding and that is a good thing. I know most of us don't like getting fines of any type, but perhaps a fine every now and then is a good reminder that perhaps we should be a more vigilent. Sometimes we can get quite cynical, and it feels like the main reason for the cameras is to raise revenue for the government and it certainly does that on a grand scale.

To me the police and the government need to be very careful as once the perception becomes that it is all about the money, then the effectiveness of what the police are doing will be diminished. When that happens, to most people it will seen as all about the money and road safety will be seen as little more than government spin.

I remember my first speeding ticket. I was a student at the time and was riding a motor bike. I was cut off by a speeding car and sped up to get their details. I then thought this is silly and turned around and went back in the direction I came, but still at a higher speed matching the traffic. The police pulled me over and said I was unlikely that I'd gotten between them and another car they were following. I could have lost my licence. But the way the police handled it I ended up with a fine. Because of the good spirit of the police I never sped for years and to this day try to keep to the speed limit. I think when the police work with good people the result is better for everyone. The current approach which has become a system and impersonal, I don't think helps our society.

Sites like Trapster only become possible with the support of people who feel what the government is doing is wrong. I am even tempted to support Trapster as the fines being levied on people seem to be inappropriate for many of the locations. I'd be pretty certain if we mapped out the speed cameras against accident locations we'd probably find there wasn't much of a match. I'd like to be proven wrong on this point.

I thought the following quote from the Trapster site is what we should keep in mind when it comes to speed cameras. It shouldn't be about the money, it should be about encouraging people to slow down so the roads are safer for everyone.

The Travis County Sheriff's Office is now officially working with Trapster! They are entering their own enforcement locations, as well as other information such as dangerous intersections, road closures, accidents, and traffic jams. Officer Tom Carpenter says to a person he just pulled over, "Don't you have Trapster on that iPhone? If you had it you'd have known I was here a half mile back". Many police departments around the US are using Trapster in the same way, entering their own valid locations. They want you to slow down!

Personally I think the following should be considered by the government and police.
  • The first time someone receives a speed camera notice they should receive a warning and the fine should be suspended for twelve months. That way it is a wake up call for drivers and if they modify their behaviour they will have avoided the fine.
  • If you haven't received a fine in the past ten years of driving you should receive a similar warning. We all make mistakes and if the aim is to modify behaviour, a reminder is a more pleasant way to do things.
The way it is getting with all levels of government appearing to use fines as a source of revenue, we'll soon just see fines as another form of tax. Once that happens, any message the government is trying to get across will be lost. It will simply be the government pushing themself on the people, rather than government being for the people. I certainly don't want a world where we create an “us and them” situation. The government in the end is really what we want it to be. Not an end in itself.

Here's to safe and fine free motoring.

- Kelvin Eldridge

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What's been happening in Templestowe and surrounding area

The following are links to articles on the internet involving Templestowe and the surrounding area.


MEMBERS of the defunct Eltham RSL have issued a call to arms in a bid to resurrect the club's spirit before Anzac Day.

Route 902 - which runs 76km from Chelsea to Airport West, taking in nine railway stations including Eltham and Greensborough - was launched on Easter Monday.

Train just went over Eltham Trestle Bridge

Local schools to perform in choral festival at Montsalvat

Missing 70-year-old Melbourne man Horst Kliche has been located safe and well.


AFTER years of grappling with inadequate bus services, travellers have high hopes the Manningham bus review will fix the problems they face daily.

INTERNATIONAL students with million-dollar budgets are among the growing number of overseas buyers investing in Manningham real estate.

THREE people have needed hospital treatment after being attacked by a horned goat in Donvale, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria today.


RESIDENTS group Friends of Grosvenor Street has ruled out a Supreme Court appeal against Westfield's Doncaster apartment complex.

THE trials and tribulations of modern motherhood will be explored in a new art exhibition at the Manningham Gallery.


AN ELDERLY Templestowe man repeatedly struck his wife of 50 years in the head with a hatchet before staging the scene as part of his ''feeble attempt'' to make it look like a burglar had done it, a court heard yesterday.

A blood-stained hatchet and clothing were found in the garage of an elderly Victorian man charged with his wife's murder, a jury has heard.

Timeline of Melbourne's Underworld

A MAN told 000 emergency operators he could not try to resuscitate his elderly wife because he was upset, a court has heard.

THE death of a man killed crossing Station St has fuelled police fears over pedestrian safety in Box Hill's busy centre.

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Pad Thai, an Easy Stir-Fry

As I was reading tonight I came across the recipe, Pad Thai, an Easy Stir-Fry and thought I'd share. I'm looking to the opportunity of tasting the results of this recipe.

- Kelvin Eldridge

What's happening around Templestowe

The following are links to articles in the internet involving Templestowe and the surrounding suburbs.

''At Bulleen there are 300-400 spaces. The problem is that it's full up early in the morning so people just continue on in their cars to the city,'' Mr Bowen said.
Daughter follows Mum's footsteps to Bulleen Preschool
For local footy, home is where the oval is
Mr Solomons said the Eastern Freeway section between Doncaster and Bulleen roads was previously classified 'low-priority' but had experienced considerable noise increase since EastLink opened.
The Bulleen dancer was crowned Australia's best Michael Jackson dancer on Channel 9's Today Show last June.
A POLICE officer is urging families to consider their elderly relatives' driving capacity after an 86-year-old motorist caused a seven-car pile-up at Bulleen Plaza.
BULLEEN'S Veneto Club will host the Pacific Finals of the Manchester United Premier Cup this weekend.
The obvious highlight each week, for a 'Retired Gentleman', is a visit to a Local Library.

Never give up, says Manningham Olympian David Morris
POLICE will move back towards old-school community policing in Manningham with each sergeant assigned their own beat.
Burglars take cash, tools from Manningham clubs
Making a Better Manningham
MANNINGHAM Deputy Mayor Fred Chuah's involvement in the On Luck Chinese Nursing Home expansion bid is being investigated by an independent panel.
THE On Luck Chinese Nursing Home's application to expand in the Donvale Green Wedge exposed a deep division between Manningham councillors.
FOUR 'rapid' bus routes to the city, upgrading the Manningham Mover service, more SmartBus routes and better bus stops are some of the improvements in store for Manningham's inadequate bus network.

Doncaster Baseball 36th Annual Presentation Night
The other finalists were: Josh Tiu (Doncaster) 10 metres
Melbourne's 47ha Eastern Golf Course, in the suburb of Doncaster, has been earmarked for a $1 billion mixed-use development and is expected to fetch up to $110 million.
THE new owner of Doncaster's Eastern Golf Course is expected to be announced by the end of June.
POLICE are investigating a ram raid on a Doncaster newsagency on Sunday.
CONTROVERSIAL plans for a cafe and tea rooms in Ruffey Lake Park, Doncaster, are likely to be shelved for another five years.
CARAWATHA Reserve now has a barbecue, play equipment and plants where the much-maligned pink Sidle shelter once stood.

Doncaster East
Doncaster East Uniting Church Blog
A DONCASTER East driver, 21, who was caught drink driving and travelling at 106km/h in a 60km zone in Bulleen is 'lucky to be alive', police say.
The company's director, Phillip Gray of Camberwell, and production manager, Graham Berry of Doncaster East, admitted to being involved in contravening freedom of association provisions of workplace laws.

The proposed network of towers includes 30m 'monopoles' near Sherbourne Rd at Eltham West and Kilparrin Ave, near Watmough Park at Greensborough.
In a report to the council, manager of infrastructure development Tamara Johnson said officers had nominated potential refuge sites at Christmas Hills, Eltham, Hurstbridge, Kangaroo Ground and Research.
Eltham artist Grace Mitchell is still creating masterpieces at age 93
A MOTHER of two who suffers from a severe mental illness fears she and her children will be out on the street after she was served an eviction notice from transitional housing in Eltham.
The Redbacks Boot Swap
ELTHAM emergency service crews finally have a decent roof over their heads - and they'd like to keep it that way.
PLANS to allow late-night hockey games at Eltham College have been squashed by the state's peak planning tribunal.
PRUDISH swimmers have forced the removal of an Eltham artist's painting from exhibition at Eltham Leisure Centre.
Mr Tunbridge, who helps run the Southern Cross Community Baptist Church, is preparing to lead a team of 18 people up Mt Everest's Island Peak - more than 6000m above sea level.

Kizon was the last person to speak on the phone to Alphonse Gangitano the night he was shot dead in his Templestowe home.


- Kelvin Eldridge

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Property update: Templestowe and surrounding area

The following properties have recently been listed.
Happy home hunting.

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IT: Opera Mini for the Apple iPhone

I have to say I was both excited and surprised the Opera Mini Browser was accepted and made available on the Apple store for the iPhone. I really didn't think Apple would accept it, but there you go. Credit goes to Apple. From the press I'm really getting the feeling Apple is excessively controlling and that puts me off. Accepting the Opera Mini Browser helps to counter the negative press and I think that is really good for Apple.

I was also excited as I've followed the Opera Browser over the years. It isn't my preferred browser, but I do use it on occasion. Having the Opera Browser on the iPhone was an exciting prospect for me as it opened up possibilities.

Unfortunately for me the Opera Mini didn't live up to my expectations. I only briefly used the Opera Mini browser and I found too many pages it didn't render well. It didn't fix the issue I have with a number of sites the Safari browser doesn't display well. Probably my biggest gripe was when I turned the iPhone into landscape mode the page didn't change to take advantage of the wider screen.

One thing I did feel was the text was slightly larger. I've found a number of people my age aren't happy with the iPhone as the text is often far too small. With Opera I found it slightly easier to read some sites so that was a plus. What I find is often I need to zoom to read text on the iPhone and I can do that in Safari using multi-touch. I couldn't use multi-touch to zoom in on a page to read the text with Opera Mini and to me that was a big limitation. Probably one of the biggest.

Overall my first impressions of Opera Mini on the iPhone is it wouldn't get me to switch from the Safari browser. I had really hoped for a great browser alternative. With the iPhone I often have to grab for my netbook to view something on the internet. I had hoped Opera Mini would help with that issue. It didn't and the lack of zooming using multi-touch, and when changing from portrait to landscape didn't improve my reading experience, means Opera Mini is probably not for me at this stage. I look forward to the next version of Opera Mini.

- Kelvin Eldridge

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

IT: Microsoft releases Kin One and Kin Two social network mobile phones.

When I first read about the new mobiles phones from Microsoft/Sharp, my first reaction was, so. But then I started to think. Whilst the iPhone is an excellent product, it is quite expensive. What if these new phones from Microsoft dropped the entry price for people. Now that would make things very interesting.

The reason I bought the iPhone is for me it had the best browser at the time. I really wanted a more portable network device and it fitted the bill. I'll be interested in checking out the Kin One and Kin Two mobile phones if they come to Australia, and more importantly I'll be interested in finding out the pricing.

The Microsoft phones really does make me start thinking there that perhaps for many people the iPhone is an overkill. Give me a phone with a good browser, that I can connect my netbook to if required and for me the game starts to change (I don't yet know if the Kin can be used to connect a computer to the network). Whilst apps on the iPhone is well promoted, I'd rather use an application on the internet, as it means it is available from whatever computer I use. For example I can use my Energy Cost Calculator from any computer including the iPhone. If it was an app, I'd be restricted to using it on an iPhone.

For those interested in Microsoft Kin mobile phones check out the following link.


- Kelvin Eldridge

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Property update: Eltham, Eltham North, Templestowe, Templestowe Lower, Doncaster, Doncaster East

The following properties have recently been listed.
Happy home hunting.

- Kelvin Eldridge

What's happening in Templestowe

The following are links to article on the internet on what's happening in Templestowe.

Changes to bus routes in Bulleen, Doncaster, Templestowe, Forest Hill and Nunawading areas from Monday 5 April
Templestowe cancer survivor invites help in high heels
Templestowe’s Jimmie is swiftly surprising
Housing up but crime rates high
Was Mr Cruel likelyly an author?
Mavis Aileen Morrison
Motorcyclist killed in head-on crash near Buangor

Templestowe Lower
Excavator Operator & Truck Driver
Lost female golden retriever in templestowe lower area (Found)

 - Kelvin Eldridge

Friday, April 9, 2010

IT: Australian Price For iPad and Apple Previews iPhone OS 4

Apple iPhones are now very popular in Australia and I suspect the iPad will also get a good following.

As a number of people I know are interested in the iPad, I decided to do a rough calculation and provide a guesstimate as to how much the iPads will sell for in Australia. The article Australian Price For iPad provides my analysis.

Today Apple also provided some details on their new iPhone OS 4 operating system and I'm happy to say it should improve of experience with the iPhone. In the article Apple Previews iPhone OS 4 I share the things which interest me.

- Kelvin Eldridge

PS Should you require computer support with no call out fee for those in my local area, please feel free to contact me.

PPS I spoke to one of the local Apple store assistants and at this stage they haven't been told a date. From what I read the expected date for the iPad in Australia (without 3G) is around the end of April. It should be noted I have no inside knowledge, just what is made available via the internet.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Inspirational books by authors like Michael Gerber, John Gray, Robert Kiyosaki, Stephen Covey and others.

If you're a budding entrepreneur, or simply interested in personal development, I'm now making a few of my books available for others in the local area. A small fee applies for borrowing the books with the aim of growing the collection. The books currently available are:

The E Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber
Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus by John Gray
Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki
The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People by Stephen R Covey
The Biology Of Success by Dr Bob Arnot
The New Dynamics Of Winning by Denis Waitley

I've also included the following books for those interested.

Playing With Fire by Gordon Ramsay
Super Highway To Success by Lee-Ann Gottani
Feng Shui by Sarah Rossbach

You can find these books via MyTreasure or use the following link.

MyTreasure is currently in beta. It is an excellent way to sell, share, swap, rent or simply give away your excess items. MyTreasure was used to create the page. The page was then modified to suit my requirements, but doesn't need to be modified by others.

Happy reading.

- Kelvin Eldridge