Thursday, January 28, 2010

Updated list of properties recently listed for sale in Templestowe

The following properties have recently been listed in Templestowe.

1 Norwich Place, Templestowe
2/85 Atkinson Street, Templestowe
16 Tennyson Court, Templestowe
115 The Grange, Templestowe

For the full updated list, with a link to the property visit the Templestowe Properties For Sale page.

- Kelvin

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Recently listed properties for sale in Templestowe

For those interested in real estate I am trialling listing properties which become available in Templestowe. Most property listing sites maintain their own copy of the property information and requires you to enter some form of search criteria.

The approach I'm taking is to provide a link direct to property on the listing agents site. By using a simple straight forward list with the latest properties first, it is now very easy to watch for and check out the latest properties listed. All that is required is a single click on the view link to check out the property.

 I hope others find this approach useful. The following are a list of properties recently listed in Templestowe. You can find the current page via the JustLocal 3106 postcode page or using this link.

9 Hawtin Street, Templestowe
7 Sunny Rise, Templestowe
17 James Street, Templestowe
54 Tuckers Road, Templestowe
8 Mintaro Court, Templestowe
26 Athenry Terrace, Templestowe
28 Templemore Drive, Templestowe
2/181 Foote Street, Templestowe
2 Killibury Court, Templestowe
1 Stillwell Place, Templestowe
10 Kensington Place, Templestowe
9 Yolande Court, Templestowe
7/112 James Street, Templestowe


- Kelvin