Saturday, March 27, 2010

Special - $10 off meals over $15.

On Wednesday we decided to go out for dinner. By coincidence I was also adjusting the search engine for the 3108 postcode area and the Shoppingtown Hotel wasn't showing. When you start to use Google's search facilities at this level, you start to see Google isn't great, but for me Google is a good starting point to help locals find local products and services and as I find a better approach I'll use that instead.

I updated the search engine (the Shoppingtown Hotel uses two web addresses) and I noticed when I went to the site the page had a special at the right. The special was $10 off a main meal for meals over $15. I printed off four copies of the voucher and we trundled off to the Shoppingtown Hotel, which is over the road from Shoppingtown.

I was a bit apprehensive with the voucher. They did say one per person, but I've been caught before. I had a voucher for the Keg in Doncaster Road many years ago from The Entertainment Book supplied by the local school and it said buy one main meal and get the second mail meal of equal or lesser value for free. We bought two main meals and two children's meals. When I got the bill it didn't look right so I asked them to explain. They took a child's meal as the second lower priced meal. I'd been to the Keg on a number occasions, but that was the last time I went to any Keg. So needless to say I'm now always waiting for the catch. To the credit of Shoppingtown Hotel they took the four vouchers without question.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our meals. The atmosphere of the Shoppingtown Hotel is lovely and the place has changed a lot since I was last there. They had renovated and the renovations look great. I had a prawns main meal which was excellent. It worked out at around $16 with the discount, which to me is a great bargain for prawns. The total bill was around $51 for a family of four plus a round of drinks.

The special runs from March 15th to March 31st 2010. You can get to the voucher from the Shoppingtown Hotel's site. Search for the hotel using the search engine on the JustLocal 3108 postcode page.

Other hotels listed in the area participating in the promotion are: Cherry Hill Tavern, Doncaster Hotel, Eltham Hotel and the Manningham Hotel. All hotels are part of the AHL Group. I also noticed the AHL Group has set up a site to promote their offers. The site is and is worth checking out .

Bon appetit.

- Kelvin Eldridge

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