Monday, March 22, 2010

Doncaster East Noodle Box loyalty program

A while ago I joined the Noodle Box loyalty reward program. I never once thought anymore about it, except to present the membership tag for scanning. At my last visit to Noodle Box they asked me if I wanted to use some of my points.

As it turned out I'd built up around 280 points and a regular meal was worth 200 points. I was quite pleased to have picked up some dinner for half the price. I decided to work out what the reward program is worth.

The 200 points is for $200 of spending. A regular meal is worth around $12. That means the loyalty reward program is equivalent to around a 6% discount. That's not a reasonable discount.

My favourite Noodle Box meal is Nasi Seafood. I wonder which meals others enjoy.

- Kelvin Eldridge

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