Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How long is the traffic delay in Fitzsimons Lane Templestowe/Eltham?

Today I was at Greensborough and was debating as to whether or not I should go back via Heidelberg to avoid the traffic delay in Fitzsimons Lane or just grin and bear it. I thought this was a good opportunity to time the delay so I could factor that into future decisions about whether or not to shop north of the Yarra.

I joined the end of the queue in Fitzsimons Lane in Eltham. Slight down the hill after the curve for those who know the area. At this point there were two fairly equal lanes of traffic merging into one further down the road.

The time to get through this section of road to the roundabout was a little over 10 minutes. If traffic was stopped for some reason or banked up further back into Eltham, then the delay could easily be longer.

However at least now I know it wouldn't have been quicker to go back via Heidelberg and to simply sit and enjoy the slow moving traffic.

Kelvin Eldridge

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