Saturday, December 14, 2013

Liberal Party promised traffic lights at Fitzsimons Lane

At the last election the Victorian Liberal Party member promised traffic lights in Templestowe and Bulleen. Bulleen lights have been delivered and technically, it could be said they will have delivered lights in Templestowe as well.

I say technically because the lights won't be the lights most people expected.

Whilst we have to wait and see the result, the upgrades at the Templestowe roundabout are mostly for buses. In fact I've been told there will be a light to give priority to the bus travelling west to east. That could mean an even longer delay for other traffic.

Only time will tell if the traffic management lights help the traffic flow for everyone, or just the public transport system owned and run by the government, heavily subsidised by the rest of the road users, and used by only 15% of the population.

If all users of the road system were treated equally everyone would benefit. The government's approach benefits only their services at the expense of everyone else. We see the longer queues in Manningham Road caused by introduction of the bus lanes. Hopefully the same doesn't occur at the Templestowe roundabout.

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