Friday, June 1, 2012

Boatshack Fish and Chips Templestowe

I’ve tried nearly every fish and chip shop in Templestowe and the surrounding suburbs. Some are great with the fish, others provide generous serves of chips. I’d tried the fish and chip shop in Newmans Road a few years ago, but if I recall correctly, the serve of chips were insufficient. The current owners Lesley and Sarah took over a couple of years ago and with a change of ownership often comes a different approach.

I decided to give the Dinner for Two a go. For $15 it is good value. Two pieces of flake, two potato cakes, two dim sims and a serve of chips. The chips were delightful, the fish tasty and the serve of chips very generous. The potato cakes where fluffy with a nice crisp batter that I enjoyed. Normally I prefer thinner potato cakes, but in this case they were very good.

If you haven’t tried Boatschack Fish and Chips in Newmans Road Templestowe lately, give them a go. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

You can find the Boatshack Fish and Chips menu on the JustLocal page


Kelvin Eldridge

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