Thursday, March 3, 2011

Today the 293 bus from Templestowe to Greensborough was on time but,,

I needed to catch a bus from Williamsons Road Templestowe to Para Road Greensborough to pick up a car. I rolled up to the bus stop and saw a bus in the distance at the traffic lights at Foote Street. I didn't know which bus it was, but it wasn't a Smartbus 901 or 902, so I thought it most likely was the 293. I wasn't totally sure because I don't know if there are any other buses that go via Williamsons Road. I could take any of the three buses. The Smartbus 902 would have the longest walk to get to my final destination.

To my surprise as I stood on the kerb at the bus stop the bus didn't even slow down. As it approached me I could see it was the 293 (for some reason it was quite difficult to read the number). The driver made a poor attempt to brake as he passed me.

Now I'm told I probably should have waved to him sooner, but since I couldn't tell if it was the right bus until it was too late as it was moving very quickly (the speed limit is 80 kph in that section of the road). I would think the bus should have slowed down to a reasonable speed as it approached the bus stop.

At least this time the bus was dead on time at 4:34pm. Luckily the next bus, the 902 due at 4:43pm came at 4:39pm (I don't know if it was early or late). I was able to get to the closest bus stop to my destination at 5:05pm to arrived where the car was located at 5:10pm. Interestingly I noticed the Smartbus 901 bus which came later, pass by at the Para Road roundabout which suggests you can take the later 901 bus and arrive earlier than the 902. I still need to check that in the timetables.

I wonder how many people have watched buses sail past them as they stood at the bus stop. I think the bus should at least be slowing down as it approaches a bus stop so it is able to stop if it should have to. I don't really think it should be necessary to wave down a bus for it to pick you up. I stand away from the kerb if it isn't a bus I want to make it obvious to the driver and only approach the kerb if the bus is the one I want. In roads like Williamsons Road where the buses travel very quickly it can be difficult to read the number and destination until it gets close enough.

Next time I'll have my waving hand ready.

Kelvin Eldridge

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