Thursday, December 18, 2014

Should Templestowe football club be advertising alcohol?

I read this article where in France and now New Zealand they appear to be trying to break the connection between sport and the promotion of alcohol to our youth with local advertising. I decided to check the Templestowe Football club site to see if one of their main sponsors was an alcohol related company.

Yep. Right there on the main page for their site the second advertiser you see is a beer company.

I've not been actively involved in cricket or football clubs, but from those I've spoken to over the years there does appear to be strong association between alcohol and sport. Drinking after the game and high level players going on to own pubs/hotels.

However it feels like this is a very indirect approach. Surely drinks after matches (if they occur) would be reinforcing the association far more than the advertising which seems to be largely ignored by most people. I'm sure the label in a person's hand is far more likely to be noticed than the ad on a site or around the ground which wouldn't even be noticed by most people.

It's easy to ban the advertising. I wonder what would happen if there was a no alcohol policy on the grounds of all council owned sporting venues. People still want to play sport and if it is important to those who participate in the sport, then perhaps it's time for those people to be proactive in looking after the interests of the next generation.

Next time I'm talking to my friends from the sporting clubs I'll ask a few more questions and see what is really happening in the local sporting groups.

Kelvin Eldridge

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