Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Water off in Stradmore Avenue, Templestowe

The water pressure was significantly reduced from around 8pm and was down to a very slow flow when I tested again around 15 minutes ago. Don't know why.

Kelvin Eldridge
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No problem too small.

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Kelvin Eldridge said...

Checked this morning and there is water pouring down the road near the corner of Mandella Street and Stradmore Avenue.

The water appears to be coming from underneath the path and from the middle of the road. Recently there was a burst main about half a house up the hill from the same location. The pipe was repaired and the road resurfaced. It would appear this is a second failure of the pipe around the one location which is a convern as to the overall integrity of the pipe.

There is a short strip of Yarra Valley Water tape on two sticks in the area where the water starts.

I checked the Yarra Valley Water site for the area of 3106 and there was no indication of any works. I just called to report the problem in the unlikely situation that no one had. The telephone greeting then advised there were emergency works in Templestowe and a tap had been set up in Hawtin Street (at number 53) should people require water and can fill buckets and containers. The recorded message also stated the works should be completed by 9am.