Thursday, May 16, 2013

Aldi Foot Switch Power Point

I noticed on Saturday the 18th of May Aldi are selling a foot switch power point for $9.99. This is similar to the foot switch I previously sold for $19.95. If the quality is good these foot switches are very good at saving money on your electricity bill. By using the Electricity Cost Calculator you can work out the payback of turning off your entertainment system using a foot switch and you’ll find it will only be a matter of months.

These switches are good if the power point is less accessible such as behind a cabinet. With the cost of electricians you may even find using a foot switch to turn devices on and off regularly is cheaper than replacing the wall switch.

Based on my experience I’d suggest the foot switch is a very good buy if the Aldi product is a reasonable quality. I have found some foot switches can last for years whereas some last between 1-2 years. At least at this cost the foot switch should pay for itself if used on a daily basis where standby power is being consumed by entertainment devices.



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