Monday, April 1, 2013

Templestowe Village Festival Sunday 21st April 2013

The Templestowe Village Festival is on again this month. Locals will recall the local roads will be blocked and buses will be rerouted around the festival.

Sometimes I do wonder about the festival in terms of promoting local businesses. When I visited the Warrandyte festival one year and spoke to a number of stall holders and none of them were local. Some drive around the country from market to market and one was even from Queensland, another from the Mornington Peninsula. When I visited the Port Fairy market one stall holder was from Ballarat. I really looked forward to seeing what the locals had to offer but felt a little disappointed that perhaps the local content could have been much more. Warrandyte is well known for the artistic and creative community and I'm sure if encouraged a lot more local products and produce could be represented rather than simply being another place for out of area sellers to promote their wares.

On the one hand the festival does bring activity to the area but on the other quite a sizeable amount of money is paid out of our rates to help promote businesses that aren't even from Templestowe. I hope the local businesses achieve a boost and it is worthwhile for them. Personally I'd like to see and hear from more local businesses.

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