Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Is outdoor dining creating a dangerous situation for locals at Templestowe Village shops?

The other day I went to purchase a loaf of bread at the Templestowe Village shops. I pulled up in the parking and the family seated watched carefully as I pulled in. They were sitting so close to the kerb it didn't feel right. The outdoor diners were occupying three shopfronts, two of which were not restaurants.

In order to get to the footpath I had to walk behind all the parked cars.

My concern is if I were a young child getting out of a car, would I be careful enough walking behind the cars. Would a young child even be seen. To me this is just wrong and dangerous.

I've read somewhere there needs to be 60cm of space to the kerb Cars often pull up until their tyres touch the kerb with the front of the car well over the kerb and paving. There is rarely enough space in front of cars to walk past safely.

This to me is an accident waiting to happen.

The greed of shopkeepers wanting extra business and council wanting extra fees is putting people's safety at risk.

Take care around the parked cars.

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