Thursday, March 15, 2012

Search Australia search option added to JustLocal to search for Australian sites

One of the problems I have when I use Google is I either get a large list of directories and not the actual site I’m looking for, or I get large overseas sites making it near impossible to find the local site I’m interested in. Another issue is often I get government sites which effectively means the government is often competing against businesses using the money they raise from the businesses against them. Since the presence of government sites is reportedly given precedence in Google results, the business owner is again disadvantaged and their site difficult to find.

I decided to use Google’s custom search engine feature to help with this issue and added a Google Custom Search engine to the JustLocal pages. Because my desire is to help businesses flourish I’ve not included government sites at this stage, but instead sites registered using Australian domain names. Clients using domains other than an Australian domain are welcome to submit their domain for inclusion, but this may not be necessary because all clients are generally promoted on JustLocal or in the JustLocal blogs.

JustLocal isn’t a search engine, but a structured approach enabling people and businesses to find businesses in an area. By adding Google’s search engine, if people want to search, now they can.

Please enjoy,

Kelvin Eldridge

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