Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blackout in Templestowe

The area to the west and east of Williamsons Road near the Porter street roundabout, has been is experiencing a blackout since around 1am. At 1:50am for a moment the power came on.

At 1:55am the area is still blacked out.

Kelvin Eldridge

Update: At approximately 2:25am power was restored.


JD said...

We live in Templestowe and were woken at least 3 times last night by our appliances turning back on. It seemed like it was about 30 minutes between each power out. Do we know what happened?

JustLocal said...

Hi JD,

A tree branch according to the energy company.


JD said...

Interesting. 3 outs and just one tree branch. Thanks Kelvin.