Monday, August 9, 2010

News in the Templestowe area

For those interested in what has been happening around Templestowe the following is a collection of news articles from the web. If you are interested in more easily finding products and services from local businesses
you can use the search feature on the 3106 postcode page. Over 120 local businesses are now included in the local search engine.
If you are someone you know has a business based in Templestowe and wish to be included in the local search engine please contact me.
A BUDGET blowout, teaching disruptions and “mismanagement” are the reasons the $3.25 million federal stimulus project at Templestowe Park Primary School has been an “unmitigated disaster”, the school council president says.

TEMPLESTOWE teenager Linus Couper is facing one of the biggest challenges of his life - a battle with cancer.

JULIAN and Sarah Yule will embark upon a 590km father-daughter bonding experience when they set out on the Great Victorian Bike Ride in November.

PLANS to build a dog activity centre in Templestowe have been scratched.

Marco has a rare condition that causes regular seizures and learning difficulties, but an assistance dog could help keep him safe and happy.

The new high-visibility uniform has been tested by Templestowe posties this year, and has proven to improve safety for postal workers.

"Josh" has found himself at the Halfway Home Animal Rescue in Templestowe after he was plucked from a dog pound two months ago.

YOUNG soccer gun Nicholas Krousoratis has big dreams.

FOR most musicians, playing an instrument outside in the rain might cause concern, but for avant garde composer Ross Bolleter, who performed on a piano at the Heide Museum of Modern Art's sculpture park in Templestowe yesterday, harsh weather conditions are almost welcome.

FOR five years a grieving Templestowe family has maintained a roadside memorial at the spot where their son died in a car crash, hoping it will remind drivers to take care.

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