Sunday, June 20, 2010

Doncaster Westfield Shopping Town new car parking rates and times

I noticed recently some changes to car parking at Doncaster Westfield Shopping Town, so I decided to investigate further.

Checking the parking time period shows some of the times are now split into half hour periods.

Prices overall have increased.

The first three hours are still free, but now the free time is once per day. No more shifting the car to avoid paying for parking.

An interesting statement appears on the sign which lets people know number plate recognition is now being used. This presumably will assist the shopping centre to enforce the free time of once per day.  

Also for movie goers, you should note the free entry after 5pm has changed to be free entry after 6pm. That could be a trap for some. Often to ensure we get tickets for the session we want, we arrive an hour early,  buy tickets and then do some shopping. For sessions around 6pm this will now incur a parking cost. I found parking for a long movie such as Avatar, even with getting the parking ticket validated to give an extra hour, it was still not enough.


 Kelvin Eldridge

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