Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What's happening in and around Templestowe

Today I trundled off to The Pines in Doncaster East to bank some cheques at the local Bank of Queensland. Much to my surprise the bank was boarded up.

I spoke to a person at Centre Management and it appears their lease had expired. I asked if they'd perhaps moved somewhere else but the person had no information.

To me this was quite a surprise and came without warning. I would have expected some form of notification but I'd heard nothing. Perhaps I shouldn't be too surprised. When the St George at Doncaster Shopping Town closed, I only knew about that branch closing when I rolled up to do some banking.

I feel that perhaps banks should at least provide some information to customers when they close a branch. An unexpected branch closure really does leave me with an uneasy feeling.

The funny thing is I only wish I had taken a picture to share it with others.

The following are links to articles relating to Templestowe and the surrounding area.


ELTHAM East Primary School will be revamped under what Premier John Brumby calls the biggest school building program in Victoria's history.


The State Budget, released today, includes $3.134 million for construction at Templestowe fire station as well as $1.85 million for regeneration to Templestowe Heights Primary School.

- Kelvin Eldridge

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