Tuesday, April 13, 2010

IT: Microsoft releases Kin One and Kin Two social network mobile phones.

When I first read about the new mobiles phones from Microsoft/Sharp, my first reaction was, so. But then I started to think. Whilst the iPhone is an excellent product, it is quite expensive. What if these new phones from Microsoft dropped the entry price for people. Now that would make things very interesting.

The reason I bought the iPhone is for me it had the best browser at the time. I really wanted a more portable network device and it fitted the bill. I'll be interested in checking out the Kin One and Kin Two mobile phones if they come to Australia, and more importantly I'll be interested in finding out the pricing.

The Microsoft phones really does make me start thinking there that perhaps for many people the iPhone is an overkill. Give me a phone with a good browser, that I can connect my netbook to if required and for me the game starts to change (I don't yet know if the Kin can be used to connect a computer to the network). Whilst apps on the iPhone is well promoted, I'd rather use an application on the internet, as it means it is available from whatever computer I use. For example I can use my Energy Cost Calculator from any computer including the iPhone. If it was an app, I'd be restricted to using it on an iPhone.

For those interested in Microsoft Kin mobile phones check out the following link.


- Kelvin Eldridge

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